Hiatus or, why I haven’t posted much for months

I trepidatiously checked the stats today after months away, expecting to find that the numbers had dropped to 0. I was moved and embarrassed to see how many of you are still sticking with me on a daily, weekly basis–despite my prolonged absence on this blog. My explanation? It is true to say that I have been distracted by other things– research, finishing articles, language classes, writing workshops and seminars, and a brief vacation. But politics and political analysis are not dispassionate side interests. I cannot simply write about war, invasions, casualties, political and moral failures, state power, the effects of immigration law, deportation, hate crimes, xenophobia, or even philosophy, without being existentially affected by them. I needed to turn away from political commentary for a while, conscious of the enormity of the violence and general public indifference (not yours, dear readers) to these injustices, in order to find a source of hope.  As problematic, though, has been my focus upon similar–if not repetitive–issues in post after post, and my concern that I had few insights to share or new lights to shed on public issues of common concern. I’m not sure the last issue has been resolved. But time away seems to have allowed me to find some sun (literally and imaginatively) and subtlety that I hope to infuse into future writings for this blog. To be sure, I have certainly not stopped writing in the last four months, but I hope to be more consistent. Thanks for your patience and kindness and loyalty.

Tomorrow, I will have a new post on the public response to the Aurora, CO murders–either through a link to another site or as an original post.