GiTMO: 11 Years of Pre-Emptive Policing, Indefinite Detention, and Human Rights Violations

As many of you already are aware, today is the 11th anniversary of Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility. My thoughts on this topic are all over this site. There is little more that I can say without trivializing this unspeakable horror. It is shocking that we still have to work to induce outrage among our friends and family.

Here I have aggregated some clear-eyed testimonies by former Guantanamo Detainees, by a Guantanamo Guard, and related articles. 166 detainees still remain in Guantanamo. 157 have not been charged. 86 have been cleared for release. Again one wonders what the good reasons are that still keep them there.

Also, former Guantanamo guard Brandon Neely tweeted the following today. They are words by which the past two Administrations should be inspired.

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-An Op-Doc in today’s NYT by director Laura Poitras on Adnan Latif (Yemeni national, now deceased). It’s about 9 minutes long, but you simply must watch it. And make everyone who thinks indefinite detention and pre-emptive policing good ideas watch it.

-Here is a link to an article by Jason Leopold on Truthout about new details on the death of Adnan Latif. The suspicions surrounding Latif’s “self-induced” death do not diminish after reading it:

David Hicks (Australian national, finally released):

-And a moving interview with David Hicks and provocative reflections by Jason Leopold.

-Journalist Sami Al-Hajj (Sudanese national; released after 6 years) describes his time in Guantanamo to Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman.

-An extremeley detailed Wikipedia entry about situation facing current Gtmo detainee Abu Zubaydah, despite the fact that the Department of Justice has recanted all Bush Administration terror claims against him:

-A report by Jason Leopold about the recanting of evidence against Zubaydah:

-It is worth clicking on the link Brandon Neely’s tweet to see Jody Zubaydah, the sister-in-law of GitMo detainee “Hani” Abu Zubaydah (more on him below). Hesham Zubaydah, to whom Jody is married, was incarcerated for 2 years based on his then-wife’s false allegations and the US government’s suspicions of his brother.

-In Washington, DC this morning, the New America Foundation sponsored a panel on Indefinite Detention, featuring ex-Guantanamo Chief prosecutor Morris Davis, Andy Worthington, and others. I’ll add a link to that panel if it becomes available.

-Brandon Neely was a US soldier and guard at GiTMO from its inception in 2002 until 2005. His testimony about being a guard is harrowing and thoughtful.

I’ll continue to add relevant links as I find them.

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