The Department of Homeland Security Wants YOU to Help Keep America Safe

I’ve been posting less frequently in the last few weeks, in part because I’ve returned to my other work commitments on a full-time basis. It leaves me less time to write during the week. For the next few months, I still hope to post twice a week.

This week, I’ve been writing a piece for Salon, which will appear in tomorrow’s edition on their site. I’ll link to it from this site once it appears.. As part of that piece, I link to this video from the Department of Homeland Security, which carefully instructs Americans how to participate activity and responsibly in catching terrorists.  It is around 10 minutes, but it is SO worth your time and indignance to watch.

Notice, among other things, the self-conscious race reversals between (good) by-standers and (evil) perpetrators. And in each case, it is not merely a suspect–it is someone who absolutely needs to be prevented from the inevitable terrorist act that s/he is about to commit.  America’s–the Homeland–safety depends on you, good people. If you see something–don’t doubt yourself. Don’t hesitate. And above all, don’t move away too far from the perpetrator–even if it means he can hear you make the call to the police.

Author: Falguni A. Sheth

I'm a philosopher and political analyst who writes about all kinds of things, from national security, US politics, race, terrorism, miscegenation, feminism, philosophy, and whatever else captivates my attention. My views are idiosyncratic. I'd like to believe they're carefully considered, and I'm not particularly interested in following crowds.

One thought on “The Department of Homeland Security Wants YOU to Help Keep America Safe”

  1. Sigh. SO racist. Perhaps the DOJ should investigate these perpetrators of racial profiling. However I am AFRAID to speak up to this DOJ. Now that’s a paradox for you.

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