Today, Salon has published an article of mine. I’m thrilled to publish it there. Article starts below. Click below to read the rest of it. And I hope to get another piece up here early next week.

Liberal Racial Hypocrisy:

Killing people of color just for being a suspected threat is a total outrage for liberals. Well, sometimes

Since the reelection of President Obama, liberals have made some bold admissions. Commentators like Touré Neblett of MSNBC’s The Cycle have enthusiastically and repeatedly defended the president’s authority to launch drones against anyone, including American citizens, if he suspects that they are “trying to kill us.”

At no point in his several defenses did Touré reconcile his position with once-popular Constitutional precepts that every person should be presumed innocent until proven guilty, and know the charges and evidence against him, and have the right to a fair trial. Neither did he explain why ordinary Americans should suspend their longstanding skepticism of politicians in power or withdraw the demand that the president and Congress be accountable for their actions, especially the taking of someone’s life…