The submissive, indifferent Democrats

I know I haven’t posted anything in a while, but I do have a piece out today. Click through to read the whole thing.

The submissive, indifferent Democrats

Important questions on targeted killings were raised this week, and more remain. Progressives were nowhere

If you noticed that there was a lot of news this week in the senate, but hardly any mention of Democrats, you weren’t alone. By mid-afternoon Thursday, after a 12-hour filibuster by Sen. Rand Paul, John Brennan was confirmed to be the next CIA director by a vote of 63-34. The “nay” votes were clearly short of a successful challenge to Brennan’s confirmation (whose nomination to the same office was undermined 4 years ago).

Much of Paul’s protest centered on the White House’s refusal to answer where they stood on targeted killings. Although he broke no records, Paul’s filibuster met with telling widespread negative reactions on the parts of liberals and progressives. Democrats were virtually invisible, with one or two notable (and weak) exceptions, during Paul’s time on the floor


Author: Falguni A. Sheth

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