About Me

FSDec2011Falguni A. Sheth

I’m a philosopher and political theorist.  I have published several books and many academic articles on social, political, legal, and race issues.  Here, I write about a range of topics: contemporary politics, race, terrorism, miscegenation, feminism, philosophy, and whatever else captivates my attention.

Thanks for reading. You’re welcome to comment, but I moderate as needed. This is not your blog, so please keep your comments short, relevant, and civil. If you need to rant, post videos or song lyrics, or advertise handbags, please do so elsewhere. Please don’t republish the entirety of my posts without a link back to this site and correct attribution. Nothing on this blog should be attributed to anyone but myself, except where noted.


7 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I will share your post about Kris Kobach. I am an like many Americans a mixed breed. I have Mexican blood flowing through my veins as well as Irish, Spanish and a dash of French. I take issue with Mr. Kobach and his campaign of deception. Thank you for writing this blog.

  2. Please thank Glenn Greenwald for pointing me in the direction of your blog! And thank you for creating one! I really enjoyed your piece and the commentary of your readers. I’ll be back…!

  3. I read your response to Kathi Pollit after following a link from Glenn Greenwald. Very well written and inspiring. It would have been nice to have another Democrat challenge Obama on the issues that Ron Paul is raising. These are Progressive issues and they are fundamental. It should be unacceptable to support anyone that purports to be progressive if they undermine these basic civil liberties and continue to wage endless war.

  4. Beautiful response to Katha Pollit…my first contact with your thinking and writing…will not be the last, that’s for certain.

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